Madame Tussauds Web Ticket Errors

Hey stars! We're experiencing some drama, GASP! It seems that our Online Saver and Combo tickets are giving error messages when you try to check out. Don't fret - we're working to get this resolved ASAP. In the meantime, you legends can buy tickets at our ticket desk and we'll match our web price. 

Thank you for your understanding, and have a fabulous day!  

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg

The Facebook Founder who changed the way we communicate and added the 'status update' to our lives.

Famous Facts

  • Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard to fulfil his Facebook dream.
  • Zuckerberg suffers from red-green color blindness and sees the color blue best, which is why blue dominates Facebook's color scheme.

Picture Perfect

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