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Alcatraz: The Breakout Escape Room

Alcatraz The Breakout

Can you breakout?

Alcatraz: The Breakout is a THRILLING, one-hour San Francisco escape room game where you will race against the clock to solve puzzles and decipher clues to escape from the most infamous prison in the world. QUICK! Crack the code before the guards catch you!

Mt 22 Smaller

Attempting Your Escape - GASP!

We ask that you have at least 4 escapees-to-be when you arrive. A maximum of 8 fugitives can try to break free at once. 

Bigger group, lower cost per person!  

  • Group of 4 jail-breakers: $125
  • Group of 5-6 jail-breakers: $150
  • Group of 7-8 jail-breakers: $175

Whether you're colluding in a group of 4, 8, or anything in between, you'll have the experience to yourself. No unfamiliar convicts will be added to your group. 

All criminals must pre-plan their escape! 

  • Tickets are timed, and you must reserve a time-slot 
  • You must reserve a spot at least 30 minutes in advance
  • Time-slots are available on a first-come, first-serve basis