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Step behind the red curtain with

Madame Tussauds Sydney Unlocked

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Madame Tussauds Sydney Unlocked

This week step behind the red curtain as we take you behind the scenes with ‘Madame Tussauds Sydney Unlocked’

Each day learn about the ins and outs of making a wax figure - from colour matching and painting the skin, all the way to their fabulous wardrobe!

What's coming up this week!

  • Tuesday: Paint & Colour
  • Wednesday: Eyes 
  • Thursday: Hair 
  • Friday: Wardrobe 
  • Saturday: Meet the team
  • Sunday: Prize reveal

Did you unlock the prize?

Find the secret letters in our daily Instagram & Facebook posts to reveal the secret word and unlock the prize. And the prize is....

30% off the Madame Tussauds Sydney once we reopen!

Use the secret word to redeem the offer below.

Valid until August 18 2021. Terms & Conditions apply (see bottom of page). 


Colour & Paint 

So how do our incredible Studios team make the wax look so much like skin? The right side of the image shows the figure starting as ‘stripped’. Once stripped, oil paint is applied in thin layers to build up the skin following reference photos. Each layer absorbs into the wax giving it the translucency of human skin. Layers of fine hand painted details are then applied and flicked on to build skin texture. Did you know it takes 5 days to colour a head?


The eye is one of the most important parts of the figure making process as it brings the celebrity to life. We measure everything including their eyeball, pupil and iris. Each pair takes 10 hours to make and is hand painted with watercolours and fine red silk thread to create the veins. The whole eye is then cast into acrylic. A soft sticky wax is used to secure the eye into place which over time will harden and prevent them moving once the figure is in the attraction. 


After matching colour samples with the celebrity’s real hair, each strand is individually inserted into the head. The wax head is heated slowly with a warm lamp to make the insertion easier. It takes 4 weeks to insert a full head as there can be over 10,000 strands for one figure. And yep, we use real human hair. The hair is then shampooed, conditioned, cut and styled to replicate the celebs chosen look. 


A figure wouldn’t be complete without a fabulous wardrobe, but how do we get it?
Some celebrities donate their actual costumes for their figure to wear. Our Troye Sivan and Layne Beachley outfits are the real deal! We also often source replicas from the original designer or retailer. I bet you didn’t know that our incredible Studios team sometimes make the outfit! Our Queen Elizabeth II figure is currently wearing and outfit 100% made by, Jan, our extremely talented seamstress.

Terms & Conditions

Use the promo code STUDIO to receive 30% off the price of online general admission tickets to Madame Tussauds Sydney. Offer only available when booked online and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount, offer, group, family, multi-attraction tickets or for advance bookings. One promotion code will be accepted per transaction. Tickets are non-refundable. Valid July 18- August 18 2021.