Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert

Step onto the set of "The Colbert Report" with Stephen Colbert.

Famous Facts

  • Stephen is a hometown hero! He was born in Washington, DC before moving to Charleston, South Carolina at age 10.
  • Stephen Colbert is in his famous "The Colbert Report" set. "The Colbert Report" received critical acclaim including a Peabody Award for Excellence in Broadcasting (2008) and 2 Emmy Awards (2008, 2012).
  • In 2015, he succeeded David Letterman as the host of “The Late Show” on CBS.

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The news can be depressing these days, so take a mental wellness break from reading about how the president sexuall

We have no desire to make anybody look like a blithering idiot, but we do love it when they do.

Stephen Colbert