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10 Best Celeb Cameos You Probably Missed

10 Best Celeb Cameos You Probably Missed

Monday, October 23, 2017

Think you've seen all your favourite celebs in every movie and TV show they've been in? Think again.

Some celebs have truly mastered the art of the cameo; they can drop by a movie set and leave a lasting impression on you, and still make it home in time for tea. We now present to you the greatest cameos in showbiz history.


  1. Michael Jackson in Men in Black 2


The late Michael Jackson appeared for a full 25 seconds in Men in Black II as an alien leader who hoped to play a bigger role in the crew. Truth be told, the king of pop’s cameo is not so much a cameo as it is an admittance of his birth on another planet and recognition for his out-of-this-world talent – no one from earth could write a song like Rock With You!


  1. George Harrison in Monty Python's Life of Brian


The 70s must have been a great time for the Beatles! They got to hang out in India, gift us with some of the best-selling records of all time, and make brief appearances in Monty Python movies. What a life!


  1. Donald Trump in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York


In the sequel to the original 1990 movie, Home Alone, Donald Trump appeared in a brief scene telling Kevin (who is lost inside New York’s Plaza Hotel) which way to go to the lobby.


But that’s not the only time we’ve caught president Trump on the silver screen; he was one of the many celeb cameos that appeared in Zoolander. On the red carpet, Trump (playing himself) praises the namesake character, telling reporters, “Without Derek Zoolander, male modelling wouldn’t be what it is today.” Preach.


  1. David Bowie in Zoolander


Speaking of Zoolander, did you know David Bowie also had a (very) minor role in the Ben Stiller-directed comedy? And it’s possibly one of the best celeb cameos of all time?


As himself, Bowie judges a walk-off between Derek Zoolander and Hansel, playing up the ridiculous nature of it all as if it’s a totally normal thing to do. Musician, rocketman, catwalk judge; was there anything the man couldn’t do?


  1. Graham Norton in Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie


Graham Norton turned up in Ab Fab: The Movie during Eddy’s publishing meeting. She makes a last-ditch attempt to sell her idea to her very sceptical editor by trying to get the chat show host to vouch for her. Knowing Eddy, we’re sure you could tell how all that panned out...


  1. Dame Edna Everage in Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie


Sticking to the Ab Fab theme, Barry Humphries’ alter ego Dame Edna Everage also appeared in the 2016 movie as a guest in the South of France resort, in which Eddy and Patsy (played by Joanna Lumley) hide away. If you missed it the first time around, make sure you keep an eye out for her chilling in the pool.


Fun fact: Barry Humphries also played Patsy’s ex-lover and billionaire, Charlie, in the same movie.


  1. Lady Gaga in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For


Anyone in Hollywood could’ve been cast in the Sin City sequel, but we weren’t expecting Lady Gaga to be in the mix. Still, Gaga slayed her cameo character as a smoking diner waitress with a Brooklyn accent; perhaps an homage to her New York roots?


  1. Taylor Swift in The Giver


From one chart-topping diva to another; we’re all too familiar with T-Swift as a singer-songwriter, so her brief role in dystopian teen movie The Giver took us all by surprise. Although, her character was a musician too, so we could say she was staying true to her old self – who, unfortunately, can’t come to the phone right now. Don’t ask why.


  1. Ed Sheeran in Game of Thrones


Whether you thought Ed Sheeran belonged in the world of Westeros or not, you couldn’t deny the fact that the pop singer gave his quick scene opposite Maisie Williams his absolute all. Kudos to him! If it’s any consolation, given everything that’s gone down since, his character has probably bitten the dust.


  1. Stan Lee in (Almost) Every Marvel Movie


The most epic cameo of all… Stan Lee, creator of Spider Man, the X-Men, and a whole host of other comic icons has cameoed in more movies than we could keep track of. That’s right, Stan Lee (along with his tinted sunglasses) is the good-luck charm in comic book adaptations, the Where’s Wally of superheroics, and the ultimate Easter egg of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Excelsior!