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Calvin Harris: Our Favourite Facts

Calvin Harris: Our Favourite Facts

Friday, June 30, 2017

Calvin Harris: Our Favourite Facts


Whether you live and breathe music or you just know a great song when it comes on the radio, everyone’s heard of Calvin Harris and knows the music he produces. But not everyone knows the facts we’ve put together about him. Check out our favourite facts and see if you know any of them!


He’s Not Really Calvin Harris!


Calvin Harris was actually born Adam Richard Wiles! Growing up in the quiet market town of Dumfries in Scotland, he wanted to become a professional football player, but then he started producing electronic music when he was a teenager, paving the way for his future success.


He changed his stage name to Calvin Harris because he thought it was much cooler than his real name, and he thought it would be much easier for fans to recognise and remember too. He released his first two singles, “Brighter Days” and “Bongos”, under his new pseudonym.


With a small but dedicated following, he started featuring his songs on his Myspace page. This is when Los Angeles Entertainment Executive Mark Gillespie noticed Calvin and saw his potential. He was soon signed and propelled into a world of fame and success. His hard work ethic, talent, and snappy new stage name were the perfect recipe for success!


He Surpassed the King of Pop!


Did you know that Calvin holds the record for having the most top-10 singles in the UK music chart from one studio album?


He released 8 singles from his third album 18 Months, and they all got into the top 10! This supasses Michael Jackson’s 7 top-10 hits from the legendary album Bad.


He’s Worth a Lot of Cash


According to Forbes Magazine, he was the highest-paid DJ of 2013, with the magazine stating that he earned more than £36 million between 2012 and 2013.


In the 2015 Sunday Times Rich List, he was ranked as the 30th-richest millionaire in British music! And Forbes has recently reported that he is currently worth an eye-watering £38 million.


He’s Always on the Telly (Even if You Didn’t Notice!)


His songs feature in loads of adverts. From Coca-Cola and Kia Motors, to Pepsi Max and DFS Sofas, his tunes are now amongst the most recognisable in Britain because they constantly play out of our TV screens.


So if you find yourself humming a Calvin Harris tune for no apparent reason, it’s probably because you’ve probably heard him in the ad break!


He’s Got a Lot of Awards on His Mantlepiece


Calvin is easily one of the most acclaimed and highly regarded DJs from Britain. He’s received a fantastic 10 Brit Award nominations and 4 Grammy nominations!


He won the British Academy’s Ivor Novello Award for Best Songwriter in 2013, and in 2015 the Billboard Music Awards named him as the Top Dance/Electronic Artist of the Year.


He’s Teetotal


Not many people know that Calvin does not drink any alcohol whatsoever. He stopped drinking in 2008, after he started to feel that hangovers and late-night parties were getting in the way of his growing music career.


He claims that going teetotal has made his shows much better and that he can now focus on his music much more.


He Didn’t Really Lose His Album


In 2008, he claimed that he lost the only existing version of his then upcoming album when some of his bags were lost at Heathrow.


Although some of his bags were misplaced, he later admitted that he hadn’t lost the album and that he was only trying to get more time to finish it off in the studio! He and his sound engineer had concocted the plan to make sure they could finish off the album the way they wanted to.


Meet Calvin!


So, did we surprise you with these exciting facts, or did you already know some of them? Share all of your favourite facts with us on Twitter and Facebook! Whether you’re a big Calvin fan or you just want a selfie with some top musicians, come and visit our Festival Fields section to meet all of your favourite celebs!