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National Storytelling Week: A Tale of Ten Celebs

National Storytelling Week: A Tale of Ten Celebs

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Have you always wanted to see our MT stars appear in their very own fairytale? Well, you’re in luck!

To celebrate National Storytelling Week, we’ve been asking you via our Twitter and Facebook channels to tell us which stars you want to appear in our Madame Tussauds Blackpool story as the Princess, Prince, grumpy uncle, fairy godmother and best friend – and the results are in.

National Storytelling Week was introduced by the Society for Storytelling to help promote the sharing of stories and to encourage us to not only read more, but to use our creative imagination to tell our very own stories!

If you’ve always wanted to see Olly Murs as a Prince taking on Dame Barbara Windsor as the Fairy Godmother, then read on!

Once upon a time, in the land of Madame Tussauds Blackpool, there lived a girl named Kate Middleton.


She was a massive fan of celebrities, but there was one star she always wanted to meet: Olly Murs. She even had posters of Olly all over the walls of her bedroom.


Kate Middleton heard that Olly Murs was going to be performing at Festival Fields and she was determined to get herself a ticket.


However, her uncle Simon Cowell had a lot of housework tasks for her to do and made her give her ticket away. “I will never get to meet Olly Murs now!” she sighed.


Kate Middleton’s best friend Alan Carr was not having this. She heard about a magical bar called the Rovers Return where the barmaid would give you a magic jellybean if you said the right codeword.


Alan Carr went to the Rovers Return where he was greeted by the barmaid, Lady Gaga. “Sooty and Sweep” said Alan Carr. Lady Gaga nodded and put a magic jellybean in their hand. “Eat this and your worries will go away” Lady Gaga replied.

Alan Carr told Kate Middleton about this encounter and said that she should eat the jelly bean. When she did, a puff of smoke appeared in the room and her fairy godmother appeared.


The fairy godmother went by the name of Dame Barbara Windsor and she was determined to ensure that Kate Middleton saw Olly Murs. “With a bit of MT magic, all your tasks will be done and Simon Cowell won’t be able to stop you” she said.


With one wave of Dame Barbara Windsor’s magic wand, Jamie Oliver appeared to sort Simon Cowell’s dinner out whilst Darcey Bussell got her ballet shoes out and waltzed around the room - cleaning the floor as she went along. Even Ken Dodd turned up with his feather duster to spruce the place up.


As this happened, Simon Cowell entered the room. “How have you done it all so quickly?” he demanded.


Just then, Dame Barbara Windsor turned around, waved her wand and turned him into a giant Festival Fields wellie. “That’s enough of that!” she said.

“It looks like you will be going to Festival Fields, after all. You will finally get to meet Olly Murs!” said Dame Barbara Windsor as she gave Kate Middleton a ticket. “But first…”, she waved her wand and just then Gok Wan appeared, “A makeover!”


At Festival Fields, Kate Middleton had the best time ever - she even got to be at the front of the stage as Olly Murs sung directly into her eyes. When they met, it was clear they had fallen for one another.


As they say, they lived happily ever after!


Enjoyed our story? Tell us your favourite parts on Twitter or Facebook and maybe there’ll even be a sequel!