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Worst Bushtucker Trials Ever

Worst Bushtucker Trials Ever

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Worst Bushtucker Trials Ever

It’s that time of year again, when we welcome back our favourite Geordie duo with open arms, because I’m A Celeb… is set for our screens once again this November. We would say get prepared for lots of evening entertainment, but with this show you never know what’s going to happen. To celebrate the return of the thrill-seeking favourite, here’s some of the worst bushtucker trials we’ve seen:

1. Panic Pit

Ferne McCann couldn’t have been further from Essex with this challenge. Known for her stint on TOWIE, she’s used to being in the company of snakes (ouch!), but even a night out in Sugar Hut couldn’t have prepared her for this one.

Ferne had to spend eight minutes strapped down in a tunnel as she was buried in jungle snakes. Despite the actual terror of being in a confined space with the slithering serpents, Ferne did well to remain calm. That was, of course, until the biggest jungle python decided to wrap itself around Ferne’s neck. The camera panned to Ant and Dec, whose faces were clearly painted in panic. Ferne managed to bag her campmates dinner by completing the challenge, but we don’t think it was quite the same as dining out in Brentwood.

2. Crawling Cockroaches

In 2011, courage and strength graced our screens in the form of Olympian Fatima Whitbread. During a head-to-head trial with fellow contestant Pat Sharp, Whitbread had to wear a helmet full to the brim of 7,500 cockroaches. That’s right, 7,500!

If that wasn’t enough, one of the cockroaches was cheeky enough to crawl up her nose. Whitbread completed and won the challenge, but the live cockroach was still crawling around in her nostril. The camera man didn’t seem fazed, because he carried on filming the uncomfortable and skin-crawling experience on live TV. Fatima, we commend you; there’s not a lot of people that could have dealt so elegantly with a cockroach crawling up their nose.


3. Feast for a Vampire

Crowned the King of the jungle in series 14, Carl ‘Foggy’ Fogarty could have fooled us all by turning into Mr Edward Cullen himself. His bushtucker trial was to drink deer’s blood mixed with liver and kidney. It gives us goosebumps just thinking about it.

No one can forget the blood stains left around Foggy’s mouth – he looked like something out of a horror film. Then again, we guess having to complete those types of bushtucker trials means you are in a horror film.


4. Snakebite

Shaun Ryder definitely wasn’t having a Happy Monday when it came to this hissing trial. This trial, full of suspense and Ryder’s pure grit, captivated audiences. Ryder put his hand in a hidden box to be welcomed, of course, by a jungle snake. Now, this snake wasn’t twisting any melons, and bit down on Ryder’s hand straight away.

The snake clamped its jaw so tight that it took two medics to pry it from Ryder’s bloody hand, prompting fellow contestant Stacey Solomon to ask whether it was actually a shark hidden in the box. We guess it’s safe to say it wasn’t the kind of snakebite Ryder was hoping for...



4. Dining with the Stars

Nothing gets better (for us), or worse (for the celebs), than the dreaded bushtucker eating challenges. Our pick of the lot has to be when Katie Price and Kim Woodburn had lunch together. Their feast consisted of fish eyes, kangaroo anus, a cockroach, a kangaroo testicle, and a witchetty grub – yum!

As much as we couldn’t look away from our screens through the gaps in our fingers, we just couldn’t help but laugh at the noises both ladies were making. Kim wasn’t holding back either making sure she got a few digs in at Katie between meals. Kim was keen to point out that at least she had her own teeth...

Kim then went on to admit she threw up twice during the trial but swallowed it all back – very polite of her…


After those four trials, we can’t wait to see what’s in store this year in the jungle. If you can’t wait to be in the company of Ant and Dec, then come and meet them yourself for a cheeky selfie before the jungle adventures begin.

What do you think was the worst bushtucker trial? Let us know on Facebook or tweet us @MTBlackpool.