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Quiet Hour

Selected 2018 dates

On selected dates we're opening our doors an hour early, with limited tickets available, to provide a quieter Madame Tussauds experience that aims to provide a more comfortable visit for those with autism and other sensory requirements.


2018 dates for Quiet Hours 9am – 10am:

4th June

2nd July

6th August

3rd September

1st October

2018 dates for Quiet Hours 4pm – 5pm:

5th November

3rd December


Tickets for this can either be purchased on the website (just select and ticket you are wanting for one of the above dates through our ticket page)


Guests can come in and enjoy the attraction without the crowds, it will be a quiet hour with all the sounds turned off (where possible), TV’s off and lighting dimmed (where possible).


Head over to our tickets page to BOOK YOUR TICKETS NOW!