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Post Malone Debuts New Wax Figure Backstage at Gov Ball

On a summer night in NYC, music fans from every genre gathered to sing along to their favorite songs from legendary performers at The Governors Ball Music Festival. Post Malone headlined the festival on Friday, June 7, 2024, playing hit after hit  — from “Better Now” and “Wow” through “Circles” and “Congratulations” — to a crowd of die-hard fans singing along to every word. Post Malone’s full personality and charisma took center stage as he danced, shouted, and even stripped (well, his shirt anyway) during his performance, truly serenading the summer night and kicking off festival season once and for all. 

After his epic performance, Post Malone received an extra surprise backstage after his Gov Ball debut when Madame Tussauds introduced the Billboard Hot 100 artist to his wax twin.

Post Malone with his wax figure backstage at Gov Ball | Madame Tussauds Las Vegas

“Are you f**cking kidding me?!”

he exclaimed as he saw the wax figure for the first time. “I literally thought that was a person!” Post Malone was impressed with just how accurate his new wax figure was. “Oh my god!’ he repeated again.

Upon further inspection, Post Malone was “blown away” with the details on his wax figure, from using real hair - so real that the GRAMMY-nominated artist joked the Madame Tussauds team used real hair from his shower (they didn’t!) - and capturing the details in his tattoos ever-so-perfectly. “How do you do that?” he wondered in awe.

Post Malone’s mother also got to participate in the surprise backstage at Gov Ball. When asked what his mom would think about his new wax figure, Post Malone knew she’d love it - “I think she’ll want it,” he said. Who wouldn’t want more face time with the ever-so-busy Post Malone who has already topped the Billboard charts three times this year. 

When his mom got the chance to get up close and personal with the figure, she was truly shocked. “It’s awesome!” 


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