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Terms & Conditions

Brand Actions for Bonus Clues: 

  1. In addition to the daily clues that reveal the location, bonus clues will be given in exchange for crystals collected in-game. Participants can claim crystals through purchase of admission tickets (same-day and advance) on Madame Tussauds Singapore website only. Purchases made through other websites, travel agents or partners do not apply.
  2. The 3 applicable packages are:
    - Standard Ticket (Adult/Child)
    - Standard Ticket + Marvel 4D + Digiphoto (Adult/Child)
    - Standard Ticket + Marvel 4D + VR Racing Experience (Adult/Child)
  3. Upon purchase, guest has to key in the barcode on the email confirmation page into Sqkii webpage to claim “crystals”.
  4. Each ticket purchased will issue 1 barcode.
  5. The number of crystals issued are pre-determined by Sqkii.
  6. Should you face any issue redeeming the crystals, do contact Sqkii's representative via their socials (IGFB).

Scratch Card:

  1. For every guest that spends a min. of $10 in a valid receipt at Madame Tussads, they can redeem x1 scratch card per receipt. Receipt from other tenants on Sentosa cannot be redeemed at our attraction.
  2. Tickets that are only purchased from Madame Tussauds Singapore website can also be used to redeem this scratch card on the day of entry, upon entry.
  3. Tickets that have been used prior to the start of the Sqkii campaign and scratch card distribution will not be valid for this redemption.

Attraction Admission Ticket:

  1. All tickets purchased on Madame Tussauds Singapore website are non-refundable, exchangeable for cash.
  2. Each admission ticket purchased is limited to one entry into the attraction, no re-entry is allowed. For more information on ticket terms and conditions please click here