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Travel through time with Images of Singapore.

Come along and travel back in time to delve into the narrative of Singapore's history comfortably in our indoor attraction. Discover the lifestyles of how people in Singapore lived across various eras for nearly two centuries.

Images of Singapore is part of Madame Tussauds Singapore.

A set up of Singapore's history in the 1900s, depicting Keppel Harbour. A realistic wax figure of a Samsui woman beams as she stands on two boxes. A happy man holds the handles of the rickshaw and acts like he is pulling it with a girl seated behind.

Images of Singapore

Explore the vibrant story of Singapore, tracing its journey from a humble fishing village to a 21st-century powerhouse. Embark on the captivating walkthrough of different sets, complete with special effects and immersive theming.

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In the set-up of a Malay fishing village is a wax figure of a man in a straw hat. He smiles as he plays the drum, while three visitors of the Singapore exhibition joyfully look at him while acting to play the drum along.

Malay Fishing Village

Experience the historic moment of treaty signing - the founding of Singapore.

Before the British colonisation of Singapore in 1819, the area referred to as 'Temasek,' was a Malay Fishing Village. In those times, the orang laut (sea gypsies) constituted the earliest inhabitants of Singapore, dating back to the late 12th and early 13th centuries. Following the signing of the treaty in 1819 with Sir Stamford Raffles, trading activities flourished near the river mouth, leading to an economic upswing. This presented lucrative opportunities that drew in numerous Chinese and other immigrants. What was once a humble fishing village has transformed into the modern Singapore you see today.

A man in suit is sitting on a bench with a hand propped on his leg. He is sitting in Singapore's financial hub and business centre back in 1823, Commercial Square. This is part of Images of Singapore exhibition in Madame Tussauds Singapore.

Commercial Square

Explore Singapore's historic financial hub from the 1800s through our engaging exhibition!

In 1823, Commercial Square, renamed Raffles Place, served as Singapore's primary business centre. It was flattened to reclaim adjacent swamps along the Singapore River and stood as the bustling heart of Singapore. Presently, the original structures in Raffles Place have been revitalized and replaced by contemporary skyscrapers and renowned banks.

As part of Images of Singapore exhibition in Madame Tussauds, 3 girls pretended to pull a rickshaw as a pose for a photo. A guy sat on a the rickshaw seat.


Visit Chinatown in the 1900s through a captivating exhibition in Singapore. From cramped workers' living quarters to the vibrant activity of the harbour.

Chinatown (牛车水) was designated as a residential area for Chinese immigrants. The name 牛车水, meaning 'bullock water cart,' reflects the historical practice of transporting water using animal-driven carts. Rapidly evolving into Singapore's most densely populated area, Chinatown encompassed a diverse array of businesses, coolie quarters, bazaars, restaurants, theatres, shops, and brothels. Presently, Chinatown remains as the core of the Chinese community, preserving the rich history of traditional culture and arts.

As part of Images of Singapore exhibition in Madame Tussauds, a person is sitting on a big sofa in a room that recreates Jubilee Cinema setup, complete with an old film projector.

Jubilee Cinema

Would you join us at the Jubilee Cinema?

Opened in the 1930s, Jubilee Theatre featured 33 luxurious seats on its third floor and enjoyed sold-out performances in the early 2000s. It was then demolished for the construction of the Raffles Hotel. Today, the site is home to several shophouses, restaurants, and the Jubilee Ballroom.

*This is a set up of Jubilee Cinema with no actual film screening.

8 visitors including men, women and children in the exhibition of Images of Singapore, are beaming joyfully while looking at the wax figure salesman in a white suit outside the television shop smiling back at them with a welcoming gesture.

Television Shop

In the past, the television only offered a few hours of evening entertainment in warm and fuzzy black and white, unlike what we have today.

Join us at our history exhibition in Singapore to catch footage of Singapore between 1945 and 1965. Singapore gained independence in the year 1965!