New York
New York

Guest Testimonials


Great place would totally reccomend, I would say its a must see at least once, cool photos to take, great for kids, even the 4d movie was great and reasonably priced


"Great fun - the 4D show is fantastic"

We went with our 11 year old daughter and 21 old son and had fun. You can find mistakes in the dolls but if you go in with a smile and participate in the exhibition and play with the situations (fight with Ali etc) then it is great fun. The 4D show was fantastic


Went a year back. Loved it. heard they got some new attractions, will go again to see them. love the way they set up the floors. go to top first and come down

"Good Fun"

This was a fun afternoon had by me, my sister and mum it was great to have pictures taken and just relax as you're walking around, there was no rushing around and there was no time limits, staff were very friendly.

"A good time was had by all"

This is such a fun activity. You may not think starring at wax figures would be fun, but it is! As you go through the different exhibit halls, you begin remembering things in your life and memories of the famous people. Everyone in our group had a great time!"

Hours of fun"

This was quite entertaining. I took pictures with all my husband's favorite stars and some of my friends somehow thought that we had met Eli Manning and Michael Jordan. There were even some 'stars' for the younger attendees as I saw lots of children just as excited as there parents.