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Jay Chou

“I’ll still focus on music. This is what I’m best at.”

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MTHK Jay Chou Restyle Jan 6 2017 1

Did you know?

★ This popular Taiwanese musician learned to play the piano when he was a child, and is equally skilled in various musical instruments including guitar, cello, jazz drum as well as the Chinese Dizi. His first album “Jay”, became an instant hit and caught popular attention among the international Chinese-speaking community.

★ Jay has sold over 28 million of his music albums worldwide from 2000 to 2010. He has also won countless awards globally for his singing and songwriting talents, including recognition from the IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry), Global Chinese Music Awards and Beijing Music Awards.

★ In 2005, Jay played the lead role in the movie Initial D earning the award for Best Newcomer at the 42nd Golden Horse Awards. Most recent films include Kung Fu Dunk (2008) and The Treasure Hunter (2009). In 2011, Jay starred as Kato in the Hollywood 3D movie, The Green Hornet and was well received by audience around the world.

★ The star print outfit from KatyHuangStyle is donated by Jay himself. As seen at the press conference of his new album “Jay Chou's Bedtime Stories” in 2016.

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Jay Chou

“I’ll still focus on music. This is what I’m best at.”

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