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  • Friday March 16th 2018

Suit Man

Madame Tussauds New York Presents “Gallery of Giamatti and Billions Viewing Party”

The fans “fighting the good fight” have spoken and Madame Tussauds New York has listened. We’ve taken your impeccably crafted words to heart and are daring to be different…

Madame Tussauds New York Presents a one-night only event “Gallery of Giamatti and Billions Viewing Party”. 

For one-night only Madame Tussauds New York’s A-List Party room will transform into a “Gallery of Giamatti”. Enjoy wine (probably not 1961 Cheval Blanc, sorry!), and celebrate the return of Billions with a private viewing party. 

Madame Tussauds loves Paul Giamatti and appreciates his immense body of work from Sideways to San Andreas. Madame Tussauds figures take a lot of time (3-4 months), people (20 skilled artists per figure) and money to create. The list of requests from our fans is a long one. We appreciate your outpouring of public support and to push Paul to the top of that list we asking for you to show your support once more – officially. Here’s the deal:

Step 1) Start a petition for Paul on an official petitioning platform (, etc).

Step 2) Secure 500,000 signatures by the premiere date of Billions Season 3, and our party, Sunday March 25 2018 and Madame Tussauds will create a figure of Paul Giamatti.

Step 3) Join us and fellow fighters for the cause on Sunday, March 25 for “Gallery of Giamatti and Billions Viewing Party”. Sign petition and RSVP to to attend.

Step 4) Die happy knowing you fought for what was right. 

We look forward to welcoming all Giamatti aficionados.