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Instagram Worthy Pictures with Your Favorite Stars

  • Tuesday August 22nd 2023

6 Dwayne Johnson

We all have that one celebrity we are all amazed to see every time they pop up on our screens. Ever wondered what it was like to see how it would feel standing next to them? Thanks to Madame Tussauds Orlando, you can make these wishes come true. Moreover, you won't need a VIP pass to get up close and personal with your favorite star. 

Each famous figure at Madame Tussauds Orlando is made of wax, but the artists behind these works of art are so meticulous that it almost feels like the star is right there with you. If you didn't know how this iconic museum came to be, it all began with Madame Tussaud, known initially as Marie Grosholtz, a French-born artist and Philippe Curtius' protégé. She inherited his museums of wax figures in 1974. 

She then moved to London from France in 1802 with her wax models, and 33 years later, she opened the first Madame Tussauds in London. The Madame Tussauds wax museum is in over 23 locations worldwide today, and the Orlando location is a must-see. 

In Orlando, the wax figures range from athletes to red-carpet stars. The best part about the entire experience is that Madame Tussauds Orlando is photo-op friendly. You may take as many selfies and videos as you wish. A quick tip to help you get those Instagram-worthy pics is to bring your favorite camera. Alternatively, if you only have your smartphone with you, ditch the selfie lens and use the back camera for the best results. 

Our staff is more than willing to help you capture the best memories. Another tip is to make sure the camera lens is pointing directly at the eyes of your favorite star. This angle makes it look like the wax figure was posing for an actual picture.

DJ and Party with Mr. Worldwide 

Known for his greatest hits "Give Me Everything" and "International Love," Pitbull is a Cuban-American rapper and entrepreneur born on 15 January 1981. His music career took off in 2002 after his appearance in the "Kings of Crunk" album by famous rapper Lil Jon. He released an album in 2004 that received positive reviews, and as they say, the rest is history. Besides being a household name, there are some interesting facts you may not know about Mr. Worldwide. 

Have you ever wondered why he chose the name Pitbull? At 16, the rapper's mother kicked him out and he ended up in foster care. His arduous life inspired the title as he believed that "a pitbull's jaw locks up when it bites." The artist also has a fragrance line, a TV company, and a Globalization radio segment. 

A fun fact is that Mr. Worldwide once ended up in Kodiak, Alaska, for his Walmart campaign in 2012. He encouraged his fans to select which Walmart location they thought he should visit. Some internet pranksters learned about it and rigged the votes, so he ended up in the remote area of Alaska. He also supports youth education and is behind the charter school known as Sports Leadership and Management (SLAM). 

Lift a Real Helicopter with Superman  

We have all seen the iconic letter "S" tees; you probably owned one growing up. Superman is perhaps the most famous DC comic book character. He is also an on-screen crowd pleaser thanks to the clean-cut actors who play Superman in the various film adaptations. Two of his well-known qualities are morality and super strength; the name gives them away. 

Superman, also known as Kal-El, is an American alien, originally from Krypton, who landed on Earth after his parents shipped him off to save him from their dying planet. He crashed on a farm and was adopted by an American couple who named him Clark Kent. Upon becoming Superman, fans have witnessed his other powers such as heat vision, super hearing, x-ray vision, flight, and arctic breath. He also has wild but less-known abilities, including telepathy, hypnotism, and shape-shifting. 

Also, while we all want to believe that nothing can hurt the beloved Superman, you should know that this isn't true. Kryptonite, a rock from his planet, can weaken his powers. Also, magic weapons can harm him because he is not a mystical being. And like all superheroes, Superman has an arch-nemesis. You probably think it's one of the enhanced villains like Brainiac and Doomsday. However, you're mistaken. Lex Luthor is Superman's greatest foe. 

Another remarkable fact that most fans don't know is that Superman's character was initially written as a villain. We can already picture the sigh of relief after reading this. The creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, originally described his origin as a homeless man who drinks a potion after agreeing to participate in an experiment that eventually goes wrong. You can trust us when we say we are thrilled that the creators chose a different route for the "Man of Steel." 

As Clark Kent, Superman has to blend in, which means working a regular job. If you thought he chose journalism for the money, you are wrong. Being a reporter means access to news about crime so he can serve his community better by protecting the innocent. Another fun fact easily missed is that all his love interests have LL initials. If you have read the comics or watched the movies, you likely know Lois Lane, a reporter who falls in love with Superman. His other love interests include Lana Lang, Lori Lemaris, and Lyla Lerrol. 

Strike a Power Pose with Wonder Woman  

What's not to love about a superheroine whose goal is to restore world peace? Wonder Woman, also known as Diana Prince, first appeared in a 1941 comic. From Themyscira, Wonder Woman leaves her home in the Amazon and comes to Earth to fight for equality and peace. Her abilities include superhuman strength, speed, durability, and reflexes. She can also fly, has accelerated healing abilities, superhuman stamina, and heightened senses, and is immortal. 

She is also the first superheroine and first female member of the Justice League. Her moniker "Wonder Woman" wasn't the first name choice. Instead, it was "Suprema, the Wonder Woman." Also, while Diana Prince is the character, we associate with the name Wonder Woman, you ought to know that there are other characters with the name Wonder Woman in the DC universe, including Nubia and Queen Hippolyta. 

Perhaps one of the most exciting facts about Wonder Woman is the story behind her character. Did you know that her creator was a psychologist named William Moulton Marston? He is also the inventor of the lie detector. And his reason for creating this superheroine was to inspire others through feminism. His wife inspired some of the character traits depicted in the comic. 

Do you know those famous bracelets of Submission that Wonder Woman uses to deflect projectiles? Their inspiration is also an unexpected one. The creator Marston was polyamorous, and his other partner Olive Byrne wore a pair of Arabic design bracelets to show commitment, a deviation from the standard wedding ring. 

Activate the Trident with Aquaman  

Aquaman is another beloved DC character who appeared in the comic in 1941. He is the defender of the Atlantis kingdom and a founding member of the Justice League. His origin and qualities have seen numerous revisions in the comics.  

Even so, his well-known abilities in these versions include controlling the weather elements, flight, super-hearing, telepathy, superhuman reflexes, sight and strength, durability, and super speed. The most popular version of Aquaman was from the 1950s and 60s comics, also known as the Silver Age, which describes him as Arthur Curry, the son of a lighthouse keeper and an Atlantean. 

Now, there might be a few things you may not know about Aquaman, probably due to the various iterations, including that the original Aquaman, the Dweller, was a sea monster. It was only after his death that Arthur Curry became Aquaman. Another exciting fact is that Mera, his wife, was originally a villain. Before she became the queen of Atlantis, Mera was an assassin meant to kill Aquaman but ended up falling for the superhero. 

During one of his encounters with Wonder Woman, Aquaman got entangled in the superheroine's "Lasso of Truth" and confessed that he was drawn to her. 

And thanks to his ability to talk to fish, Aquaman stopped a drug smuggling ring using Dolphins. He once stumbled on a dolphin trying to escape being tranquilized by the authorities. He then saved the dolphin and later discovered that the drug smugglers were using these fish to transport drugs. With this help, Interpol managed to stop this operation. 

We all know how every superhero has a weakness. As for Aquaman, the early iterations of his character described Achilles as having to get in the water every hour else he would die. Later comics changed it to him needing to immerse himself in water every 24 hours. Now with the film adaptations, let's say that the rules have changed. 

Slam Dunk with Shaq


Shaquille Rashaun O'Neal is a former pro basketball player nicknamed Shaq and a sports analyst for the TV program "Inside the NBA." Recorded as one of the heaviest players in the NBA, Shaq played for six teams throughout his nineteen-year career. He is 7ft 1 and weighs 325 pounds. 

His distinct accolades include two scoring titles, the 1999–2000 MVP award, and 5 All-Star game selections. He is a man of many talents, and when he is not talking about basketball, he is busy with music. He has four albums, with one Shaq Diesel receiving platinum status. He has also made cameos in movies and has his reality shows. 

You may not know a few things about him: he was already six foot tall by age ten. And as a result, some youth basketball players felt intimidated and quit the team in greater Newark in the eighties. He is also an academic and has earned bachelors and doctoral degrees. His father was also a hooper but was also, unfortunately, a drug addict. They had a strained relationship throughout his childhood and later became estranged. They only reunited in 2016 after Shaq agreed to meet his dad after several unsuccessful attempts.  

Shaq received the Player of the Week title during his first week in the NBA. He was the first to receive this award in such a short period, thanks to his remarkable performances on the court. 

Be the First on the Moon with Neil Armstrong  

Neil Alden Armstrong was the first person to walk on the moon. He was also an aeronautical engineer, a naval aviator, a professor, an American astronaut, and a test pilot. His career began in 1949 at Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida. He flew seventy-eight combat missions over Korea until 1952 before moving to the Navy Reserve until his resignation in 1960. 

He traveled to the moon in 1969 inside Apollo 11 accompanied by Command Module Pilot Michael Collins and Lunar Module Pilot Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin. He spent 21 hours and 36 minutes on the moon's surface. In addition to his eventful career, there are a few exciting things you may not know about him. 

For instance, he had musical talents. Armstrong wrote and directed a musical while pursuing his bachelor's degree. Even after his ascent to the moon, Armstrong had to defend his master's in front of a thesis committee. Also, his famous line during his ascent to the moon was misheard. His team believed his words were "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." This phrase continues to be immortalized. However, before his passing, Armstrong corrected the misheard quote and stated that his words were, "That's one small step for a man." 

Kick Butt with Kung Fu Panda 

Master Po Ping, famously known as Po, is the main character in the Kung Fu franchise, a master of Kung Fu and the prophesied Dragon warrior. Before becoming a master, Po trained under Master Shifu, and while he was initially ridiculed, he persisted and went on to defeat Tai Lung. His victory cemented his status as the foretold warrior, and he became the community's hero. 

Interesting facts you may not know about Po include that it took 391 artists almost five years to create the film adaptation. Also, these artists were so dedicated that they took kung fu and Chinese classes to create the movie better. 

Visit the Iconic Museum Where You Get to Meet Your Favorite Celebrity 

There you have it, a glimpse of the magic that awaits at Madame Tussauds Orlando. Trust us when we say that we've only scratched the surface. Many celebrities are at our wax museum; some will even let you join them at the party. Visit our website and buy your tickets today!