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Learn all you need to know about your visit

All visitors with a "B" in their disabled pass may bring along an accompanying person free of charge. A ticket is necessary for yourself. 

Accessibility information

  • The S-Bahn and U-Bahn stations Brandenburger Tor are approx. 100 m away, as well as several bus lines. 
  • There is no company-owned parking space available. 
  • The building is accessible without steps (door threshold 2 cm).
  • All rooms and facilities that can be used and raised for guests are accessible without steps, via elevators or ramps. 
  • The ramp in front of the elevator to the top has a slope of 5% and a total length of 4 meters. A handle is provided.
  • The cabin of both elevators is 110 cm x 140 cm.
  • In front of the exit (to the store) is a ramp with inclination of 6% and a total length of 2 m.
  • The ticket counter is 104 cm high.  However, mainly online tickets are sold. 
  • All doors/passages that can be used by guests and are raised are at least 90 cm wide. 
  • The exhibits and their information are mainly visible, perceptible or touchable while seated.
  • There is a QR code on many of the figures.
  • There are photo stations throughout the exhibition, some of these can be operated while sitting.
WC for people with disabilities
  • The manoeuvring spaces are:   in front of the sink and in front of the WC at least 150 cm x 150 cm; to the left and right of the WC at least 90 cm x 71 cm.
  • There are grab rails to the left and right of the WC.
  • Both grab rails can be flipped up. 
  •  The sink is wheelchair compatible. 
  • The mirror is visible in sitting and standing position.
  • There is a cord as an alarm trigger.

  • There is no clearly visible alarm.  
  • There is no audio induction loop system.
  • The information about the exhibits is mainly provided in writing.  
  • There is a QR code on many of the figures.

  • Assistance dogs may be brought into all relevant areas/rooms.  
  • The entrance is visually contrasting.
  • Not all raised and usable areas for the guest are well lit, i.e. bright and glare-free. 
  • In the elevators, confirmation of an emergency call is audible. 
  • Stair treads are partially designed with visual contrasts. Stairs have handrails on both sides.
  • Signage is designed in legible and high contrast lettering. 
  • Exhibits are generally well illuminated.
  • The information about the figures is conveyed in writing, or as a QR code.   

  • The name and logo Madame Tussauds are clearly recognizable from the outside.
  • The destinations of the paths are in sight.
  • The information about the figures is not conveyed in plain language. 
  • There is a QR code on many of the figures.