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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Show us your moonwalk next to the wax figure of the world’s most famous pop star at Madame Tussauds Berlin.

The King of Pop

  • Michael Joseph Jackson was an American singer, composer, dancer and entertainer. With up to 750 million sold recordings, Jackson is the most successful musician in the history of pop music, according to the Guinness Book of Records. Due to his success he is also known as the
  • Jackson was already front singer of the popular band ‘The Jackson 5’ alongside his four older brothers as a young kid. In 1971 he began his career as a solo artist and published the album ‘Thriller’ in 1982, which is still the world's most sold album in the world. The spectacular and fast-paced music video even made him the inventor of the music video. Other albums like ‘Off the Wall’, ‘Bad’, ‘Dangerous’, ‘HIStory’ and ‘Invincible’ are still among the best-selling albums in the world. His success is also reflected in the world - wide reviews: he was ranked 25th in the list of the best singers of all time by the music magazine ‘Rolling Stones’, and in a survey of the British music magazine ‘New Musical Express’ he was voted most important singer of all time by 10 million respondents. On June 25, 2009, Michael Jackson was found dead in Los Angeles at the age of fifty years. The cause of death is acute poisoning by various anesthetics. His death triggered worldwide agitation. The mourning celebration became a major media event. After his death, another 33 million albums were sold within a year.
  • Michael Jackson's life was marked by highs and lows like almost no other. This is underlined by the fact that the artist has been on stage for more than 40 years, but became only 50 years old. His increasingly pale skin color regularly sparked speculation about a beauty operation. Michael Jackson himself later called a skin disease as a cause. Other headlines came when an US dentist accused Jackson of having abused his 13-year-old son, in 1993. With the help of a million dollar payment the singer escaped a process later. Michael Jackson married Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of Elvis Presley. Two years later they got divorced. He then married the nurse Debbie Rowe, with whom he gave birth to his two children ‘Prince’ Michael and Paris Michael Katherine. In 2002, Jackson's third child, Prince Michael II, was born by a surrogate mother. Another scandal arose when he held the baby with one hand from a window of the Berlin Adlon hotel. Already one year later a new headline was printed after Michael Jackson had told that he would share his bed with children from other families at his famous Neverland Ranch in an interview. An arrest warrant and trial because of suspected child abuse followed. Six months later, Jackson was acquitted and left his Neverland Ranch.

Michael Jackson

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“I haven’t even scratched the surface yet of what my real purpose is for being here.”

Michael Jackson