Virtual Room FAQ


  • Is there a minimum age to play? Yes, you must be at least 12 years old to play
  • What is the minimum and maximum of players? This is a team based experience so you need a minimum of two people. Maximum is four people.
  • Should I wear my glasses? Yes, we recommend you wear your glasses or contact lenses.This experience is not recommended for people with epilepsy.
  • I’m pregnant. Can I play? This experience is not recommended for pregnant women.
  • Can I join if I’m in a wheelchair? For safety reasons this is not possible at the moment.
  • Does the experience make you feel nauseous? Unlike other VR experiences, this one has been specially developed to avoid any discomfort, whether that be nausea or headaches. We use the very best hardware (HTC Vives), the most powerful computers and specially designed in-house software to avoid any discomfort. Games are also played standing up so your brain and your body are always working together just as they would in the real world.