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Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston

Sing and dance with Whitney Houston in wax as her famous character from "The Bodyguard!"

Did You Know?

  • Her mother made her turn down early record deal offers from in 1980 and 1981 because she wanted Houston to finish high school.
  • She was almost a "Cosby" kid. She auditioned for the role of Sondra and got the job, but she decided to turn it down so she could go on tour (even though she didn’t have a record deal at the time).
  • Houston sang background vocals on Chaka Khan‘s “I’m Every Woman” in 1978, a song she would later turn into an even bigger hit for herself on “The Bodyguard” soundtrack album in 1993.

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We miss you Whitney!

"From the beginning, the camera and I were great friends. I know the eye of the camera is on me -- eye to eye. It loves me, and I love it."

- Whitney Houston