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Silpa Bhirasri


Did you know?

• Known as the “Father of modern art in Thailand”, Silpa Bhirasri graduated from the
Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and came to Bangkok in 1923 during the reign of King
Rama VI, to train Thai artists and craftsmen at the Royal Academy’s Fine Art section

• His arrival in Thailand had a profound impact on the development of Thai art. He later
established and taught at Silpakorn University. He created 18 monuments in Thailand
which include the Democracy Monument, Victory Monument and the statue of King Rama I
at Memorial Bridge
• In recognition of his services and to protect him from arrest by the occupying Japanese
army after Italy surrendered to the Allies in World War II, he was granted Thai citizenship in
1944 with help from Luang Vichit Vadakan who also gave him the Thai name Silpa Bhirasri
Born Corrado Feroci on 15th September 1892 in Florence, Italy
Died on 14th May 1962 in Bangkok, Thailand

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