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Marvel 4D Experience

Marvel Super Heroes 4D is an experience not to be missed when visiting Madame Tussauds New York. Some of Marvel’s most loved super heroes, including the Hulk, have been brought to life in multi-sensory fun featuring interactive themed areas, wax figures and a Marvel Super Heroes 4D film adventure.

Experience Marvel like never before!

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Please note that the 4D Film is an add on and can be purchased as part of the Super Hero or Ghostbusters: Dimension tickets. The remainder of the experience, including the wax figures and interactive areas, are available to all ticket holders. 

Who's your favorite Marvel Super Hero?

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Captain America
  • Captain America’s first appearance came in Captain America Comics #1 back in March, 1941
  • Seldom seen without it, the shield is Cap’s defining item
  • Just like any self-respecting superhero, Captain America has a sidekick, James Buchanan ‘Bucky’ Barnes
  • The character Thor made his first appearance in the August 1962 issue of Journey into Mystery
  • Thor once spent several issues of The Mighty Thor as a frog after falling prey to one of Loki's magical schemes
  • Thor's affection for Earth stems from his mother's influence