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Face Off with King Kong


Encounter the King

Awaken Kong! Feel the roar of the LARGEST ANIMATRONIC in New York City and unearth the secrets of Skull Island! Do you dare cross his path? It's time for you to #FacetheKing. In partnership with Ledgendary Pictures and Warner Brothers Pictures, Madame Tussauds New York brings the experience to life with an eighteen-foot, multi-sensory animatronic head of the gigantic ape that is sure to wow and terrify in the larger than life Kong: Skull Island experience.

Kong Skull Island

Welcome To Skull Island

Guests will embark on an adventure deep into the tropical environment of the infamous Skull Island, where they will be challenged to evade the traps of colossal petrifying spiders and uncover artifacts from the film.As they journey through the secluded bamboo jungle, they will be joined by a new wax figure of Captain James Conrad, played by British actor Tom Hiddleston in the film, before coming face to face with the enormous breathing, blinking, snarling and roaring multi-sensory animatronic head of the mystical monster himself, KONG!