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Mark Forster

Not the day after tomorrow, but TODAY! Mark Forster presents the Madame Tussauds Berlin - Award exclusively in our music area!

  • Madame Tussauds Berlin, Awards Party
Madame Tussauds Mark Forster 0028

What you need to know about Mark Forster

  • Mark is from Kaiserslautern. He is one of the most famous musicians in Germany. Mark has been playing the piano since his childhood. His trademark: the Caps! He studied business administration, but his love of music laid the foundation for his career.
  • His debut album, "Karton", was released in 2012. He achieved a huge success with the single "Einer dieser Steine" (2013) in collaboration with the German rapper Sido. Mark made his breakthrough in 2014 with the song "Au Revoir", for which he received the Diamond Award. He has released 4 albums so far: 2012: Karton (Gold-Award), 2014: Bauch und Kopf (Double Platinum Award), 2016: Tape (Double Platinum Award), 2018: Liebe (Platinum Award). In 2015 he took part in the Bundesvision Songcontest for his state of Rheinland-Pfalz with the song "Bauch und Kopf" and won! Forster is part of the jury and coach at "The Voice of Germany" and participated in the show "Sing my Song – the Exchange Concert" in 2017 and 2018.
  • The Internet is wrong: the rumour that Mark is "only" 1.70 cm tall is circulating on the internet for a while now, but we are now clearing that up and have measured him precisely: He is 1.85 cm tall and that is how he is immortalized in wax forever!