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5 reasons you need to meet Katniss Everdeen's wax figure

If you're lost for things to do now you've seen the final installment of the worldwide phenomenon The Hunger Games, fear not - we have the perfect remedy for those post-trilogy blues!

Madame Tussauds London's Film area features an incredibly lifelike wax figure of Academy Award® winner Jennifer Lawrence, portrayed as Katniss Everdeen, in her own immersive setting. If that isn't enough to make you want to visit, here's five great reasons why a selfie with Katniss should be the next thing on your bucket list:

1. She's so lifelike!

Katniss' wax figure is incredibly lifelike, and the closer you get, the more real she seems! Six months was spent perfecting her wax figure, from 10 hours dedicated to hand-painting her eyes to six weeks spent inserting each strand of her hair individually, before being styled into her iconic braid.

2. You can literally hug Katniss!

There's no red ropes or barriers here at Madame Tussauds, so you can literally throw your arm around Katniss and show the world that you're besties!

3. You'll feel like you're in District 12

You'll be able to literally step into the iconic film poster from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Surrounded by the famous cliffs of District 12 with a beautifully atmospheric landscape behind you, you'll find it difficult not to imagine you're stood next to the real Katniss, gazing wistfully into the distance.

4. Katniss' outfit is an exact replica from the film

That's right - the outfit Katniss Everdeen's wax figure wears was created by the same costume company that supplied the original for Lionsgate Movies. Teamed with her iconic brown leather hunting jacket are dark charcoal trousers, knee-length tie-up leather brown boots, plus brown leather quiver (arrow bag) and trademark bow. This is the only known exact replica of the costume on display to the public.

5. There's a mockingjay pin that catches fire

IMPOSSIBLE. Nope - state of the art projection mapping means a huge replica of Katniss' famous mockingjay pin will appear to catch fire before your very own eyes. Magical.

Getting a photo with Katniss' wax figure is the perfect take home memory to show off your love for the films. She's incredibly popular though, so it's best to book online in advance to avoid disappointment!