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Chamber of Horrors

Step into some of London's darkest crimes

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First introduced to British audiences in 1818 while Marie Tussaud toured the UK with her travelling wax exhibition, Chamber of Horrors will once again shine a light on some of London’s darkest crime scenes of the past 150 years.

Dennis Nilsen

About the experience...

In bringing Chamber of Horrors back, the experience remains true to Marie Tussaud's original vision; featuring individuals whose different crimes have each had a significant impact on Britain's social and criminal history, and were well documented by the media at the time. 

Rillington Place

Included in Chamber of Horrors:

  • East London gangsters, The Kray Twins 
  • Serial killer, John Christie 
  • Serial killer, John Haigh 
  • Serial killer, Dennis Nilsen
  • Ruth Ellis
  • Serial killer, Jack the Ripper

Chamber of Horrors is based on shocking real crimes which affected real lives. You can find more information here on their impact and the support services available. 

Crippins Glasses

Historical artefacts from the archives 

The original Chamber of Horrors featured death masks and authentic relics, alongside figures of the most infamous criminals of the time. Madame Tussauds London's archive houses a significant collection of historical artefacts, which help tell the story of some of the capital's darkest crimes. The return of Chamber of Horrors will once again see some of these historical artefacts back on display.  

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Experience restrictions

Chamber of Horrors is based on some of the most infamous real crimes of the past 150 years. It features details of serious crime, violence and murder and includes real artefacts from crime scenes which some may find distressing. The recommended age is 16+ to enter this area.

For your safety we do not recommend you enter if you have any of the following medical conditions:

  • High blood pressure or a heart condition
  • Are affected by loud noises 
  • Are affected by flashing lights
  • Sensory sensitivities
  • Pregnancy

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