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Work Experience

Interested in taking part in work experience?

Get on track for a career of a lifetime!

From corporate roles to rollercoasters, LEGO Models and Koalas, to Celebrity Figures and a Beluga Whale Sanctuary - the Merlin Entertainments family is all about fun, innovation and making a difference!


  • Work Experience placements are not guaranteed and are subject to availability.
  • All applications must be completed by the candidate applying for work experience only.
  • Guidance should be given by a third party if needed.
  • If your application is successful you will receive confirmation by email.
  • This application form does NOT confirm your work experience.
  • All applications must be given with at least 3 weeks notice before the requested start date. If an application is received after then, it will not be accepted.

Our work experience applications have now closed for 2024. For opportunities in 2025, please check back at the end of the year.